STYX And An Old Friend               By, Penny Pepperstein
Styx was my first hard rock concert. In 1983 (age 11) the band was touring their latest LP Kilroy Is Here and my mom’s old boyfriend, Bruce, (RIP) had bought two tickets, one for him and one for her. Lucky for me, my mom had to work that weekend so I got to go. I was thrilled, overjoyed and freakin’ out as I stood in line at the Civic Auditorium waiting to head inside. 

Pretty much all concerts where GA (general admission) at the “Civ” back then and Styx was no exception. When the doors opened we headed up the ramp to the first bowl and found seats. At 8pm a screen lowered and a short film started, the movie explained who Kilroy was and how the world was taken over by robots and electronics. Music was illegal, Kilroy broke free of a prison (using the robot uniform as a disguise) because he wouldn’t conform to what the world had become, the movie segued and the concert began… (IT WAS AWESOME!)
The concert world segued again for me …

Little River Band

Oh, the harmony, that sweet, sweet harmony of the Little River Band. I grew up listening to that harmony on the radio and remember loving songs like “Lonesome Loser” and “Lady”, never knowing it was the same band. The coolest thing about not being able to know the difference between those song's owner is that your able to reach a different audience with each song. This makes for a huge success, this makes the Little River Band.  I have seen them twice now, once tonight with a friend and once a few years ago with my boyfriend. Both times the surprise on their faces when they heard a song they didn’t know was the Little River Band  was completely priceless. Evidently, my friends aren’t the only fans that have this same reaction. In an article, I read Wayne Nelson says “You’ll see plenty of people mouthing the words…’I love this song…I forgot it was one of Little River Band’s hits!’  I always have my adventures when going to review a performance for the or PennyReview…

Pink Hair, Blue Hair, Penny's Overall’s & Seether’s Audience.

Well I am going begin at the end of the show and work my way to the beginning. Let me just get this out of the way and say I love Seether. Shaun Morgan’s hard core, gruff, angry sound to his voice gives his songs a pissed off feel to them. This is a guaranteed big reason as to why Seether is so loved. He screams out the words we want to scream out. When Shaun Morgan started the song "Gasoline", one of the band’s first big hits (2002 Disclaimer album) with the distorted first chords of his guitar had the audience worked up and ready to rock. Everything about this show started out so kick ass and then…the sound system had feedback, like, A LOT of feedback. Seether continued to play thru it, but the more Shaun would scream the worse it got. Long, loud screeches rang throughout the auditorium, leaving the audience to cover their ears to escape it. The fans didn’t seem to care much because as soon as the annoying sound subsided it was as if nothing happened and everyone continue…

Long Lost Review Buried Deep In The Archives Of Mordor. Basically I found an old article titled *The Ozone and The Hangover*

Ever been to the Ozone? Ever seen Hi-Fi Hangover? This is Penny Pepperstein and I want to tell you how I got to experience both last night. The Ozone is a premiere live music venue attached to Anthony’s Steakhouse on 72nd and F Streets. With an amazing new Terrazzo dance floor, lifted center stage, a cozy fireplace and soft lighting, this lounge packs a full house with live music six nights a week. I arrived early and wiggled my way through an already busy Ozone, and I noticed the smoky mirrors that gave the room a classy, upscale look. Diane, one of the several bartenders, smiled and listed off several drinks assuring me of a fully stocked bar. She hooked me up with a bubble gum tasting drink that had two kinds of UV Vodka and cranberry juice and was the perfect cocktail for sipping.
Just as I made my way back to the table Hi-Fi Hangover took the stage by storm. Starting the night off with a hard rockin’ rendition of Van Halen’s Panama, lead singer Rob Hill had the energy and the ed…

Kansas, Winger, Ralston Arena and Penny’s Virginity! (part 2)

Part two…again

You know, I wrote my original review of the Kansas performance in a hurry as to get it posted for my readers. As soon as I hit send I realized I had made a mistake. The mistake was not giving a review that the band deserved. I stayed up late trying to say everything I had seen and heard in a few short paragraphs. Nice and easy. I think Tina Turner said that once, but that’s not how I write. Let me explain… I had only heard Kansas on the radio when I was a kid. I never owned any of their records (that’s how we old peeps say vinyl). I mean I could identify a handful of songs and I could tell you that it was Kansas singing that song. I couldn’t tell you anything about the band at all. I blew them off as “that was before my time”, music. Looking back, those words could almost be blasphemy coming from a rock junkie like me. There should never be music before or after your time. There should just be music. We can decide later on if it’s our taste in music and even that shoul…

Arlo Guthrie and Penny's Delorean

Arlo Guthrie reminded me that you can go back in time, and you don’t need a DeLorean to do it. When I was a kid, listening to the radio in the car was the biggest treat, well, except for maybe going to the Drive-In at the Skyview. The radio was made up of huge push buttons and if you wanted to save that station you had to pull out the button and then push it back in, (yep I am going to age the sh*t outta myself today). A lot of the radio stations in Omaha, NE back then were mostly AM including WOW, KOIL, KFAB and a few talk and sports stations. But what I loved most were the sing-along songs. You know the ones that tell a story? Music such as John Denver, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan etc.…It was the kind of music that was gentle on the soul. With acoustic guitar, drums to keep the tempo and a voice that kind of insisted that you, well, sing along. And I so sang along, loud and proud.
I know this is a long introduction to my review but I have to set the scene. It was a time m…

Kansas! Winger! Ralston Arena! Penny’s Virginity! (part 1)

Have I got your attention? Awesome! 
No, I did not lose my virginity to anyone tonight but this was a night of firsts. This was my first big concert opportunity to write a review and take photos. This was my first time seeing Winger, Kansas and my first time in The Ralston Arena. Hence…you get it. 
This is a two part review as I wanted to give each band their own Spotlight.
Let me start off the first half of the show with a band that will most definitely, age me. Winger was the quintessential 80’s metal hair band and the 80’s is my generation of music and…hair. Yes, I had a crush on Kip Winger, along with every other 80’s rocker chick had back in the day (did I just say that out loud?). Kip has aged well. The long, wild hair has been replaced with shorter wild hair, blue tinted eye glasses and stubble facial hair. Some things are classics. 
Being an adult now, with my pen tucked behind my ear and a camera in my hand, I told myself I was not going swoon when Winger hit the stage. I was goi…